In fact, the issue of working remotely is not a topic of discussion that emerged during the pandemic process. According to a 2015 Stanford University study, the biggest payoffs for people who work remotely are: lower costs, a more independent environment, and less time spent on transportation.

Remote work

The concept of remote working is a type of work that requires employees to work outside the office. The basic logic of this work concept is that sticking to a certain place to do work will prevent the work from being done efficiently and successfully.

Tools needed to work remotely

Thanks to the development of technology and the transfer of work to artificial intelligence devices, it has become possible to work even without going to the workplace. It is important to increase efficiency in this business model, where technological tools are used and a suitable work environment must be created. You should be able to use the efficiency you gain at work at home, in a cafe, or wherever you work remotely.

The most important tool to acquire for the remote working model is computers. A must buy for any computer, be it desktop or laptop. In addition, important calls require a quality internet connection connected to your computer. It is important to have good communication so that communication does not break during the meeting. Apart from the computer, there are also technological accessories that you need to use.

You should have a camera to use in interviews, headphones to improve sound quality, and a printer and scanner to sign or read important documents. While these tools make remote work easier, they also make the work environment more office-like, allowing you to adapt to your work. An office environment can overwhelm employees due to crowding and pressure. Working in an environment where office workers feel as comfortable as at home will increase efficiency.

Benefits of working remotely

The most significant benefit of telecommuting for a company is that it increases employee productivity by turning the flexibility gained from remote working into productivity. Although the majority of employees believe that telecommuting improves productivity, according to some published reports, a significant number of managers agree with employees on this issue.

In addition to increasing productivity, it is a fact that remote working increases employee motivation. Many studies show that if employees receive an offer from a company that offers remote work, they are more likely to leave their current job. In addition, people who work remotely are reported to feel happier and more valued.

The concept of remote working directly leads to a reduction in office costs, which allows companies to reduce costs per employee.

What are the benefits of remote working for employees?

Since the telecommuting model provides flexible work opportunities, employees can devote time to both their work and themselves. They are more likely to devote time to important activities such as housework, childcare, sports or social activities. Freed from the stifling office, employees can plan their working hours thanks to the flexible work model.

Waking up on a weekday can be a hassle for most workers. Office workers especially do not like Monday. The remote working model eliminates the stress of going to work during the week, also known as Monday syndrome. When you work from home, you can focus only on your work, so your colleagues will not interrupt your work when they ask questions or ask you for help with their work. That way, you can be more attuned to the project you're working on.

Sites where you can find remote work

  2. Remote OK
  3. FlexJobs
  5. Jobspresso
  6. Search Remotely
  7. Crossover
  8. Upwork
  9. Fiverr
  11. Idealist
  12. EuropeRemotely

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