What is Laravel?

Laravel is the most widely used framework written in PHP. It was written by Taylor Otwell. The syntax is simple. Therefore, it is easier to learn. Laravel includes many frameworks and features. As a result, it can be easily used in simple web applications or complex web pages. Laravel's motto is "The PHP Framework For Web Artisans".

Why do we use Laravel?

Laravel can be used by professional or amateur web developers. OOP structure allows you to write neater, cleaner, readable code.

What should we know about Laravel?

Includes Eloquent ORM. In this structure, there is a model class corresponding to each table in the database. In this way, instead of long query sentences, it allows you to make database queries in a much simpler way. It also provides the ability to query different databases (Mysql, PostgreSql, MongoDB, etc.) without making any changes to your queries.
It features automatic pagination with just a few lines of code.
Database table creation, versioning, and data insertion operations can be managed more simply with the migration and seeder structure.
It uses "Blade" as "Template engine". It corresponds to the View (V) part in the MVC (Model, View, Controller) architecture. Thanks to this structure, it allows us to separate our php and html codes from each other.

Multiple languages

Laravel, which comes with a multilingual system, is suitable for those who develop projects in multiple languages with an easy function structure. By having a folder for each language, you can easily adapt a structure such as validation to any language or add it to your project from the web.

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