Those who want to buy a new notebook; this article is for you... We will talk in detail about what you should pay attention to when buying a new notebook.
Notebook, notebook or laptop... Whatever the name, notebooks with the same logic are vital, especially for people who are mobile rather than fixed in one place. The performance problem, which used to be a major disadvantage, has now been significantly eliminated, increasing the popularity of notebook computers.

What should be considered when buying a notebook?

There are many things to consider when buying a new notebook. The first computer you will buy will come with different features depending on the area of use. For example, you expect a business computer battery to last a long time. If your goal is to buy a gaming PC, you should focus on parts like the graphics card rather than the battery performance. In short, the characteristics of the notebook you will buy according to your needs will also change. First, let's take a closer look at the parts you should pay attention to when buying a new notebook.

Processor (CPU) selection: How much power is required?

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new notebook is the processor. Whether Intel or AMD; When buying a new computer, it is very important that you go for the most modern processors if possible. It doesn't have to be good just because the processor is an Intel Core i7 (4-7 generation). Yes, that processor might be good for 2015, but considering the speed of technological development today, an Intel Core i3 (11-12th generation) released in 2023 can provide much better and stable performance. Therefore, when choosing a processor, it would be more correct to look at what year it was released.

Bu səbəbdən seçdiyiniz prosessorun nəsli çox önəmlidir. Bundan sonra alacağınız prosessorun gücünə diqqət edə bilərsiniz. Ətraflı hesablamaların aparıldığı bir iş üçün və ya oyunlar oynamaq niyyətindəsinizsə, güclü prosessora diqqət yetirməlisiniz. Digər əməliyyatlarda çox aşağı olmayan orta performanslı prosessorlar ehtiyaclarınızı qarşılayacaq.

Video card (GPU): Critical for graphics performance

Notebooks have made great strides, especially in the last few years. Notebooks, which cannot have hardware requiring high performance due to heat and space problems, have overcome these problems in recent years and become an ambitious position in the gaming field. You don't need to spend a lot of money on a graphics card if you want to surf the web and use office applications from time to time. A mid-range GPU will also work, but if you say "I use programs like Photoshop, AutoCad" or "I want to play games on my computer", you should go for notebooks with high-performance GPUs that use an effective cooling system.

RAM and Memory

Even in these days when the RAM of our phones is based on 12 - 16 GB, we should definitely look at the RAM capabilities of our notebooks. Simply put, RAM is a part of your computer that fills the temporary memory of everything you're doing at that moment. A computer with good RAM capacity is vital for both gaming and internet usage, and frankly, anywhere. When buying a notebook, I recommend paying attention to a minimum of 8 GB of RAM according to the area of use.

When it comes to storage, in addition to speed, memory also matters. However, sacrificing speed for high capacity can be annoying, especially in your daily use. In terms of storage, many laptops have started to switch to m.2 SSD support. Much faster than HDDs and conventional SSDs, m.2 SSDs are now the technology we want to see as standard in computers. For this reason, I recommend that the laptop you buy has an M.2 SSD or at least a slot input. If it has a slot port, you can speed up your computer in the future by simply buying a compatible M.2 SSD.

Screen size and Refresh

One of the devices you should pay attention to before buying a notebook is the screen. The size of the screen, the technologies it offers are of great importance. For example, the screen format of 1366 x 768 pixels, which is generally used in cheap computers, may cause you to be dissatisfied with the notebook. For this reason, I recommend that the computer you buy has Full HD format, which is at worst 1920 x 1080 pixels. You should also pay attention to important details such as screen refresh rate and IPS display panel on the computer. IPS is a technology that allows us to see the screen in the same way no matter what angle we look at it. It also makes the images appear clearer.

Which notebook suits which needs?

You may need a notebook in many different areas like business, gaming, education. When we look at a business computer, parts such as a fast and high-capacity SSD storage space, a battery that will work for at least 10 hours, a powerful processor and graphics card for gaming, as well as fast and high-capacity RAM, M.2 SSD, a successful cooling system, and a quality screen equipment is important.


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